Wiley from Atlanta

Wiley from Atlanta

Wiley has been a friend since 2018 when we caught him on the tail end of his cross-country tour. Like a true RASCAL, Wiley refuses to be typecast in a city known for it’s music scene. By building a unique catalogue of music that beautifully fuses elements of soul, hip-hop, and alt-rock, Wiley constantly breaks the rules that are meant to be broken.

His full-length record Blue Don’t Make Me Cry is driven by melodic guitars, jazzy drums, and earnest lyrics that make him stand out in a city known for it’s music scene.  His newest track Heat Lightning, produced by Sensei Bueno is an instant classic, built for early summer sunsets. His full catalogue is available on all streaming services, and you can find him on social media at @wileyatl.


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