Tahj Keeton

Tahj Keeton

Tahj Keeton is one of the most outstanding young artists in Atlanta’s hip-hop scene, and his latest album S.A.R.F. (South Atlanta Rage Fest) - is no exception. Known for his high energy live shows and genre bending sound, Tahj speaks true to the SAINT RASCAL mission by being unafraid to break from the norm.

It’s tough to fit the 21-year old, South Atlanta native’s music into a single genre.  Tahj’s blend of electronic, psychedelic, alternative, and trap influences coalesce to form SARF’s unique production and sound.  SARF impressively reproduces the same high energy that Tahj brings to his live shows, which keeps the album fresh after every re-listen.  SARF is available on all streaming services, and you can catch up with Tahj Keeton on social media at @tahjkeeton


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