Take Notice: The Miami Marlins are Fun

Take Notice: The Miami Marlins are Fun

It's Time to Admit the Marlins are Miami's Team

Every city has an identity. For Miami, it is the energy, la passion of its people that make it internationally famous. Miami is also a cultural hub, a historic safe haven for people from all corners of the earth to come together and celebrate life. There is something about the city that unites people no matter where they come from.

Nothing unites a city quite like its sports teams.When done right, they should represent their city’s identity better than anything could. 

Miami’s baseball team, the Marlins, may not be the first team that comes to mind when you talk about Miami sports. Out-of-towners probably think about the Big-3 Era Miami Heat, or Tua Tagovailoa–the young, polarizing Hawaiian quarterback of the Miami Dolphins. 

Change may soon be coming. The Marlins, now led by Hall of Famer Derek Jeter, represent the true identity of Miami better than any team in the city. The team is a melting pot, just like the city whose name they wear across their chest. The Marlins have 10 players from outside the United States, representing countries and cultures with strong ties to the Miami community. The Bahamas, Venezuela, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic are all represented, and the organization has made sure to highlight this diversity. 

The team’s vibrant colors–aptly named Miami Blue and Caliente Red–are reflective of the city’s vibrant energy;  the neon lights synonymous with Miami’s electric nightlife and Art Deco architecture. The team is young and energetic, which speaks for itself when it comes to representing the city. Coming off their first Postseason appearance in 17 years, the Marlins are hungry for success and seem to be on the verge of breaking through into one of the league’s sustainable winners. 

The team’s young players play the game with a flare, a swagger, that is ever present when it comes time to play. Jazz Chisholm Jr., the Marlins 4th overall prospect, is a young Bahamian middle infielder who has all the makings of a superstar and the future face of Miami’s baseball franchise. He showed up to his Opening Day press conference rocking two gold chains, a LaMelo Ball jersey, flashy sunglasses, and hair dyed Miami Blue.

If that doesn't scream Miami then I don’t know what does. 

Jazz will take the field rocking those same gold chains, with an energy and passion that jumps out at you from the screen and into your living room. The clubhouse is littered with guys like Jazz, and has the full support Manager Don Mattingly. Mattingly, another Yankee legend who played for the historic New York ballclub in the ‘80s, has often been known as a baseball purist. With the Marlins he has turned over a new leaf. On Opening Day, he mentioned that he likes guys who bring personality and swagger to the park everyday, and the Marlins have plenty of those. 

Then there’s Marlins Ace, Sandy Alcantara, the leader of their pitching staff and one of the most influential players on the club. The 25-year-old Dominican right hander has taken the leadership role head on and is the voice leading the charge of the Marlins’ “prove you wrong” attitude. In his press conference on the eve of Opening Day, Sandy said “for those that doubt us, keep doubting us.” Alcantara followed that by saying the Marlins are ready to continue shocking the world. 

Finally, there’s Sixto Sanchez. With shades of the late great José Fernandez, the Marlins top prospect and the 15th best overall prospect in baseball electrified Marlins fans last season in his MLB debut, sending shockwaves through the league and igniting a spark in the minds of Marlins fans. If Sandy is the current Ace, Sixto is the future. Sixto also hails from the Dominican Republic and wears 45 on his back–and his neck–in honor of his idol, MLB legend Pedro Martinez. Pedro has said Sixto reminds him of himself, but with even better stuff. He will continue to turn heads and provide energy on the mound for years to come in Miami.. 

This young core of the Marlins is even more exciting than I could talk about here, but this gives you an idea of what the Marlins have waiting in the wings. This team is hungry to win, and they’re hungry to put on for the city of Miami. The Marlins have long been a laughing stalk of the league, and through poor ownership and mismanagement of the previous regime, lost a lot of trust from the local community. Now it’s time to get it back, and it starts by truly representing the city they come from. 

It’s time to start paying attention, the Miami Marlins are coming. 

Ethan Budowsky

By: Ethan Budowsky

Ethan, the newest member of the Newsletter Staff, is on loan from Fish Stripes, the official SB Nation affiliate of the Miami Marlins. A dedicated sports writer, Ethan will be covering the intersection of culture and sports and exploring the impact sports have on our neighborhoods.

Image courtesy of the Miami Marlins


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