Adam Rioux

Adam Rioux

A jack of all trades, Adam Rioux is one of the most exciting young creatives that we have had the pleasure to work with. A filmmaker, photographer, adventurer, model, coffee producer; there is virtually nothing Adam can't do.

We first met Adam at the University of Florida. His energy, inspiration, and enthusiasm is an electric force that instantly drew us in. He quickly became a regular face at the famous JAM House, the metaphysical birthplace of Saint Rascal. Now based in Atlanta, Adam is a frequent collaborator and one of our favorite people to work with.

True to form, Adam's creativity knows no bounds. A prolific videographer, Adam has worked heavily with nationally recognized musicians Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler, Broward County legend Sam Stan, and game-changing visual artist (and Rascal model) Patrick Foley.

Adam's next project is a series of short films and a screenplay that is currently in development. Keep an eye on this mans, there is no telling where his incredible creativity and dashing good looks will take him.



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